Wing Suit Rule 28
Wing Suit Rule 28
Wing Suit Rule 28

Wing Suit

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Tear up the rule book! The Wing Suit is the first skinsuit in the world designed specifically to be UCI illegal in search of maximum aerodynamic advantage for time trial racing not run under UCI rules.

Where traditional skinsuits employ various textured fabrics to help trip the boundary layer of air moving around the arm, helping reduce the low-pressure area behind the arm, the wings of our suit take a different approach. The wings are designed to fill in the low-pressure area itself, creating a more streamlined profile and reducing the riders drag coefficient even more.

Designed with the UK time trial scene in mind, this suit actually generates thrust in cross winds.

This suit was developed in collaboration with top sailing experts, tested using advanced CFD modelling and then validated in the wind tunnel. 

The skinsuit features custom ultra low drag fabric, developed through testing at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, and a mesh, exterior opening number pocket to maximise ease of use, comfort and longevity of your suit. 


Read all about our testing here


This is a unisex product. For women's sizing, please select one size lower than your usual size.


Note: The mesh number pocket stretches at a different rate to the fabric of the suit If you are between sizes, please size up. This also helps keep the fabric from being stretched too tightly which adversely affects aerodynamic performance.

Please place your race number within the pocket before putting on the suit. Always take due care when placing the number to avoid damage. 


The Wing Suit is a registered, proprietary design.