6 'Pro' Ways To Use A Power Meter Rule 28
Coach Tom Kirk (CustomCycleCoaching) provides tips on how a power meter can make you a better rider.   TLDR: Many riders of all levels now use a power meter to monitor their training. Here, we look at six ways to...
20 Minute HIIT Circuit
Photo credit: Jojo Harper   Whilst gyms remain closed to many of us, we’re bringing you another at home workout you can do with little or no equipment. This 20-minute circuit can be done as a standalone workout, repeated with...
Strength and Conditioning During Lockdown
Photo Credit: Jojo Harper Here is a functional S&C session from ATP Performance  you can do at home. No weights needed!   S&C should be an important part of every cyclist’s training routine. From improving neuromuscular activation, enforcing neuromuscular pathways,...