How Many Watts Do Aero Socks Save?

Aero socks are THE most effective upgrade you can make in cycling. It's not even close.

For 1% of the price of a deep section aero wheel set, you can save more Watts in an instant. 

It's hard to believe just how much of a difference they make so we've crunched the numbers for you. 

In a product testing session at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, we compared our Aero Socks to a standard set of non-aero cycling socks - our Pro Socks. These are a high quality, breathable, mid length sock - but they aren't aero. 

We tested both socks on our test rider, Jean Spies - South Africa's Olympic Track sprinter at 5 kph increments from 40-75kph (Jean's top speed on the track). 

30 second runs were conducted at each speed with a constant cadence at 0-degree yaw.

Rule 28 Pro Socks (non aero) on test


Rule 28 Aero Socks on test

The results of each run can be seen below:

Speed (kph)
45 50 55 60 65 70 75
Pro Socks (Watts) 311.2 431.4 572.8 741.0 949.8 1188.8 1476.0
Aero Socks (Watts) 308.7 417.8 559.0 728.4 925.8 1157.7 1427.5
Watts Saved with Rule 28 Aero Socks  2.5 13.6 13.9 12.7 24.0 31.1 48.5