2020 Product Testing

Aero Socks Testing

It is our unending mission to bring you the pinnacle of aero performance. In 2017, our aero socks first broke onto the scene taking the British Men’s Team Pursuit title with the team now known as HUUB-Wattbike. With aero socks now a ubiquitous addition to every rider’s race kit, a new evolution was needed.



Many companies now make aero socks and for the most part they all look pretty similar, however looks can be deceiving. Material choice and fabric tension can have a huge impact on aerodynamic performance. To understand where we sat in the market, we commissioned a comparative test of some of the most popular aero socks on the market from TotalSim at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub wind tunnel.

The results can be seen below. This graph displays CdA (a measurement of the aerodynamic drag created by the rider and bike). Lower values equal lower drag.

2019 Aero Sock Benchmarking

We were thrilled to find that our 2019 Aero Socks are still the best in class. However, best wasn’t enough so we began work to find even more gains.


Fabric Testing

To begin this process, we conducted (to our knowledge) one of the most extensive aerodynamic fabric testing studies ever. The aim was to find novel fabrics that could provide even greater aerodynamic savings than our current material. Fabric was tested in a specially designed wind tunnel at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub on a 100mm diameter cylinder, the closest approximate shape of a lower leg.

The full results of this testing can be downloaded HERE


Prototype Testing

The results of this fabric testing produced promising results, with several fabrics outperforming our current fabric at multiple speeds. From here, we now needed to test these options in sock form as whilst the cylinder testing is highly accurate, it is a static test that does not involve the pedalling motion that a sock would experience.

The three best fabric options were made into prototype socks that were then tested against our current offering.

The full results of this test can be found HERE

The fabric testing led us to believe that each of these prototypes would perform best at different speeds however this was disproven. One option emerged as significantly faster across all speeds as well as outperforming our current aero socks. Enter Aero Socks v2!

2020 sock testing

The design of Aero Socks v2 is a proprietary design, unique to Rule 28 and protected by design registration.