Get race ready with Rule 28. Test out a wide array of equipment including helmets and clothing, as well as modifications to your bike setup and riding position.

Test in the same wind tunnel, the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, where our apparel is developed.

Our technician will work with you to go over your goals and develop a testing protocol designed to maximise your time in the tunnel, drawing on our extensive knowledge base to suggest changes that have the highest potential of making you faster.

Like what you tested? All wind tunnel test sessions also come with an exclusive discount on Rule 28 products.


Weekday 2/3 Hours

£1,300 / £1,900

Evening and Weekend 2/3 Hours

£1,100 / £1,600

Please note, completing the form below does not confirm your booking - we will be in touch to arrange a date that works for you.

  • Initial consultation pre-testing to design a full testing programme written for you with pre-test assessment to determine the programme and what we’ll be testing
  • All tests are conducted in specific conditions tailored to your performance and target events (Wind Speed and Yaw)
  • Testing can be used to test positional changes or equipment comparisons (full inventory of equipment at the SSE to test)
  • Positional changes take into consideration morphological/biomechanical limitations and come with stretching/strengthening recommendations to ensure power output in the new position is optimised
  • All test sessions include a Pre and Post testing brief and debrief
  • A full test report and analasys or results will be emailed to you after you session.
  • The average watt savings from wind a tunnel test is between 15-30w (this translates to a ~30-50sec saving over a 10mile TT at 40kph or ~15-30sec saving over 10miles at 50kph)