Strength and Conditioning During Lockdown

Strength and Conditioning During Lockdown

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Here is a functional S&C session from ATP Performance  you can do at home. No weights needed!


S&C should be an important part of every cyclist’s training routine. From improving neuromuscular activation, enforcing neuromuscular pathways, developing power and improving resistance to fatigue there are many benefits to be had. Additionally, injury prevention, improved range of motion and greater bone density are all important parts of the bigger long term health picture.


This session will work your full body - since cycling involves a lot more than just your legs. A strong core is essential to ensure good power transfer to the pedals and maintain an aerodynamic position on the bike. 


What you will need:

  • Ideally a yoga mat but some cushions or a hoody can be used if you don’t have one
  • x2 bottles (500ml+) filled up with water (not for drinking)
  • If you are a more experienced lifter you can use dumbbell weights for these exercises but stay within your limits. This is a session to reinforce movement patterns, promote strength and muscular health. Not get ripped.
  • Clothing that allows free movement and a good range of motion


Warm up

Rule 28 Warm Up Home Workout

  1. High knee marching (x5 each side, alternating sides)
  2. Leg swings (x5 full swings backwards and forwards for both sides. have something to hold onto to steady your body if required)
  3. Inch worm (x6 full movements)
  4. Lunges.  (x3 each side fluid movement not holding the stretch). 
  5. Shoulder rolls (x5 each direction)
  6. Compass neck stretch (x3 each direction)


Large muscle groups

Rule 28 Home Workout Legs

  1. Front Squat 12 x 2 sets with 60 sec rest.
    (bottles held under chin or next to collar bones) Go down deep into the squat to get the full range of motion. If ankle stability is an issue place something underneath your heel to assist in reaching a greater depth.

  2. Lying down, hip bridges. 12 reps for 2 sets with 60sec rest.
    When at the top of the final bridge of each set hold for 5 seconds squeezing through the glutes.

  3. Forwards lunge. 6 each side for 2 sets with 60sec rest. Keep controlled and stable, not letting your knee hit the ground and keeping your trunk strong so that you don’t tilt to either side.



Upper Body

Rule 28 Home Workout Upper Body

  1. Bicep curl into shoulder press. 10 reps 2 sets 60sec rest.

  2. Behind the head tricep dips. 10 reps, 2 sets, 60sec rest.

  3. Bent over dumbbell row. 10 reps, 2 sets, 60sec rest.

  4. Tricep dips using a table or bed. 10 reps, 2 sets, 60sec rest 




Rule 28 Home Workout Core

  1. Plank for 90 seconds
    Makesure that hips do not drop down or get pushed up. Can be done either in a start position for a press-up (hands under shoudlers) or with your forearms down on the ground. I would recommend if you’re an out the saddle climber to opt for the former and time triallists for the latter.

  2. Swimming Kicks
    Lying down, shoudlers slightly up off the ground but keeping neck fairly neutral. Lift both legs off the ground and raise the up one at a time. As if you are kicking your legs for backstroke. Keep your trunk stable and don’t let it twist too much as you kick. Do 20 kicks for each leg

  3. Arm and leg extension.
    On all fours with arms shoulder width apart and thigh at 90 degrees to your trunk. Extend the left arm out and the right leg back, then bring them together so that elbow and knee meet, extend again. 6 full movement patterns and then do the same with the other arm and leg.



All 30 seconds each side or stretch

  1. Hip flexor and thigh (both sides)
  2. Calf muscles (both sides)
  3. Touch toes (both at once)
  4. Downwards dog
  5. Cobra pose
  6. Glute stretch (both sides)
  7. Sitting hamstring stretch (both sides)
  8. Childs pose


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