How Many Watts Do Aero Socks Save? Rule 28

How Many Watts Do Aero Socks Save?

Aero Socks - The Most Effective Cycling Upgrade

Aero socks are the most effective upgrade you can make to boost your cycling performance. For a fraction of the cost of deep section wheels, aero socks can


Putting Aero Socks to the Test

We tested our Aero Socks against standard cycling socks in a wind tunnel test at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub. Jean Spies, an Olympic track cyclist, wore each sock during 30 second sprints at speeds from 40-75kph (Jean's max speed on the track).


Jean Spies - Olympic Sprinter

Jean Spies represented South Africa in track cycling at the Olympics. His max speed on the track exceeds 75kph, making him the perfect test rider.


Wind Tunnel Parameters

The wind tunnel tests precisely controlled speed in 5kph increments. Jean maintained a constant cadence while engineers measured his power savings.


Aero Sock Advantage at High Speed

The results were clear - aero socks slashed drag and saved Jean power at every speed. Across the speed range tested, the savings were roughly 3% of total drag. 


Saving Watts at Race Speed

At 45kph, Jean's lowest speed, but a standard average road race speed, power demand dropped by 8.5 Watts wearing the aero socks. That's a huge saving over a full race distance.


Rule 28 Pro Socks (non aero) on test
Rule 28 Aero Socks on test


The results of each run can be seen below:


Speed (kph)
45 50 55 60 65 70 75
Pro Socks (Watts) 311.2 431.4 572.8 741.0 949.8 1188.8 1476.0
Aero Socks (Watts) 302.7 417.8 559.0 728.4 925.8 1157.7 1427.5
Watts Saved with Rule 28 Aero Socks  8.5 13.6 13.9 12.7 24.0 31.1 48.5



Aero Socks - An Affordable Aero Upgrade

For less than 1% of the cost of premium wheels, aero socks unlock incredible savings for cyclists looking to get faster. Add aero socks to your race day kit for a speedy advantage.

Get our Aero Socks today and start saving watts!

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